New Sports Fitness Ring Game

2023-04-03 20:57 Steven

Dear Customer:

   We released one new sports fitness ring game, main details as below:

Features / Functions:

This is a new product, similar to the Nintendo Switch ring-con function, but the working method is completely different from the Nintendo Switch ring-con, all the software is designed by ourselves, built-in high-sensitivity sensors, accurately capture and record the movement trajectory, very suitable for sports fitness , such as yoga, running, can exercise various parts of the body, such as head, neck, waist, arms, legs, etc., and can play 12 real motion sensing games。You only need to pay 30% of the cost of the Nintendo fitness ring to enjoy the same game fun as the Nintendo fitness ring, and even more fun games. Don't you want to try it?

1. One mobile APP, built in all game contents inside, support update games and functions through APP backdesk,Support IOS and Android

2. Mobile Phone connect TV through HDMI data transfer cable

3. Two devices Sensor connect mobile phone through bluetooth

4. The sensor detects the operator's movement trajectory and displays it in real time through game cartoon characters.

5. Through special game scene settings, the operator needs front, back, left right, dive and other motion actions to complete the game scene to achieve the effect of exercise.

6. The intelligent fitness system has a variety of sports modes: including single action exercise, combined fitness package, fitness ring game and online battle (the online battle function will release in next versions). The game records the player's exercise data in real time, and the data score can be ranked with players around the world.

7. Contains 3 types of games

(1).Fitness Hall:Included System exercise/Arm exercise/Abdominal exercise/Leg exercise/Strength exercise and Yoga. the system exercise included 22 different fitness combination:?Arm combination, Waist combination, Upper arm exercise, Hyper upper arm exercise, Tight waist combination, Hip lifting combination, Hyper hip lifting combination,Improve the abdomen combination, Buring fat combination, Hyper buring fat combination,Improve shoulder composition,Tight leg combination, Improve waist combination,Strengthen body combination, Improve morphological combinations,Chest lifting combination,Enhance endurance combination,Hyper enhance endurance combination,Enhanced softness combination,Strengthen the lower body combination,Lower body extreme combination,Strengthen back muscles combination

(2).Almighty running: including challenge mode and running mode; after entering the game, players can freely choose characters and scenes.

(3).Classic games: included 12 motion sensing game: Beach Wars,Tunnel Exploration,Fireman,Ring Advanture,Phnom Racer,Balance Ball,Carton Car,Balance Walk,Rolling Ball,Mole Attack, etc

Accessories Details

<1>. Fitness Ring x 1

<2>. Leg sensor -- x 1

<3>. User Manual -- x 1.

<4>. USB charging cable -- x 1.

<5>. HDMI data transfer cable(mirroring multiple device) -- x 1(Optional).

<6>. Fitness ring bandage -- x 2

<7>. Leg sensor bandage -- x 1

<8>. Blister + giftbox package -- x 1

Fitness Ring Game List:

A. Fitness Hall:

1.Arm combination

2.Waist combination

3.Upper arm exercise

4.Hyper upper arm exercise

5.Tight waist combination

6.Hip lifting combination

7.Hyper hip lifting combination

8.Improve the abdomen combination

9.Buring fat combination

10.Hyper buring fat combination

11.Improve shoulder composition

12.Tight leg combination

13.Improve waist combination,

14.Strengthen body combination

15.Improve morphological combina-


17.Chest lifting combination

18.Enhance endurance combination

19.Hyper enhance endurance combina-


21.Enhanced softness combination

22.Strengthen the lower body combina

B.Running Almighty

C.Mole Attack

D.Hamster Ball

E.Balanced Walking

F.Beach Wars

G.Balance Sphere

H.Tunnel Fight

I.AVG Fitness Ring

J.Fire Man

K.Sky Roads

L.Tiny Cars

M.Phantom Racer