New Multi function walkie talkie

2023-06-08 14:01

We released new multi function wallkei talkie, welcome to inquiry

Multi Functions kids Walkie Talkie

1. 2" colorful screen,display picture, Video, Games,channels etc information

2. Kids walkie talkie: Support 8/16 Channels, Suite Europe,USA etc global markets

3. Support max 3000m talking distance

4. Kids Camera: Support max 2M resolution

5. Support MP3

6. Support MP4 player(Video from kid's camera,External videos are not supported)

7. Support classic game

8. Support LED light

9. Support intercom via headset (additional headset is required)

10.High-quality speakers and clear call quality

11.Rechargeable battery power supply

12.Product estimate size: H11.5 x W5.5 x T3.5cm