BL-519 Retro Game

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Model BL-519
Screen 2.5"
CPU 8Bit
Game 228 Games
Color Multiple color mixing is supported
Package Blister + PaperBoard
Power BL-5C Rechargeable Battery + AAA x 3 Batteries
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1. 8Bit Chipset

2. Built-in 218 Legal Games inside

3. 2.5" TFT Screen

4. High quality   Speaker x 1

5. 3 X AAA Battery(don't include)

6. Length 14.3 x Wide 6.4 x Thickness 2.1cm


1. 2021 Year new product, Instead of mobile phone,   to prevent children from long-term use of smart phone addiction

2. All games are legal, can sell to any markets

3. Shape design certification

4. Transparent blister package with hanging hole, easy show and sell

5. Support customaztion logo,game software,color and package

6. Higher cost performance

Accessories   Included:

1. Console x 1

2. Blister + paperboard package x 1 set


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