2.8" BL-865 Simulator Game

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Model BL-865
Screen 2.8"
CPU 64Bit
Game Support Customization Games
Color Multiple color mixing is supported
Package Blister + Gift box
Power BL-5C rechargeable Battery
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1. 64Bit Chipset

2. Built-in 20 Lgeal games + 8G TF card

3. 3.0" TFT Screen

4. 600MAH Li-ion battery

7. High quality speaker

8. Hyper Giftbox + Blister Package

9. Micro-SD card, can extend games easy

10. Support 10Pcs 8Bit,16Bit, 64Bit Emulator Games


11. AV out to TV

12. Product size:17 x 8 x 2cm


1. Classic PS console design,Instead of mobile phone, to prevent children from long-term use of smart phone addiction

2. Customer can choose legal games or popular games

   *** We provide lot of games for customer download by FREE

   *** We provide TF card with games also, from 1G to 16G,Need charge

3. Shape design certification

4. Advanced hard gift box packaging, high-end atmosphere has class

5. Support customaztion logo,game software,color and package

6. Rechargeable Battery,easy use and save use cost

7. Safety battery, Provide MSDS, 38.3 Certifications

Accessories   Included:

1. Console x 1

2. User Manual x 1

3. Giftbox Package x 1 set

4. Rechargeable battery x 1

5. AV Cable x 1

6. USB Charging Cable x 1


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