BL-692 Kids Walkie Talkie

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Model BL-692
Screen 1.2" Black/White
CPU 3000 Meters Talking Distance
Game N/A
Color Multiple color mixing is supported
Package Blister + Gift box
Power BL-5C rechargeable Battery
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1. Support 8/20/22 Channels, Suite Europe,USA etc global markets

2.High-quality digital display module

3. Professional backlight design to improve display clarity(unique in market)

4. Support max 3000m talking distance

5. Support LED light

6. Support pairing by scanning channel

7. Monitor function,Support amplifying the received weak signal

8. Support hands-free intercom(VOX)

9. Support 1-99 groups of sub-audio settings

10.Support button lock function.

11.Support intercom via headset (additional headset is required)

12.High-quality speakers and clear call quality

13.Rechargeable battery power supply

14.Product size: H13.7 x W5.2 x T3.5cm

Accessories   Included:

1. Walkie Talkie Console x 2

2. Blister + Giftbox package x 1 set

3. 600MAH Rchargeable battery x 2

4. USB charge cable x 2

5. Wrist rope x 2


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