BL-881 2.8" 8Bit Mini dual players Arcade Game

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Model BL-881
Screen 2.8"
CPU 8Bit
Game 183 Games
Color Black
Package Blister + Window Gift box
Power AAA x 3
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2.8" Duel players Mini Arcade Game Station

1. 8Bit Chipset

2. Built-in 183 Games inside

3. 2.8" TFT Screen

4. Unit Size: H148.5 x W85 x T62mm

5. 3 X AAA Battery port(don't include)

6. High quality stereo speaker x 1

7. ¢3 Led indicator light

8. 8 direction key and 8 functions key(For duel players)

9. Support Dual Players

10. Unlimited games extend possible:

***Can download any NES games from PC   and copy into

   Micro-SD card to play(Don't include Micr-SD card in offer)

11. Support customize software, startup logo(5K or above order)

Accessories   Included:

1. Console x 1

2. User Manual x 1

3. Blister + Windows Giftbox Package x 1 set


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