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BL-5002D HDMI Fitness Dancing mat

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Model BL-5002D
Screen HDMI out to TV
CPU 32Bit
Game more than 1,000 Game
Color Black
Package Giftbox
Power Micro USB 5V
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1. Real 32Bit Chipset,720P resolution, HDMI   TV out

2. Built-in Master Dancer,Aerobics,YOGA Master and Sports Games

3. 2.4G Wireless control,10M control distance(Optional)

4. USB 5V Power supply

5. Support PAL, NTSC etc global TV system

6. HDMI Out to TV

7. Product size: 93 x 81 x 0.8cm. Anti-skid PVC fabric and PET conductive membrane and sponge and Non-slip

9. Weight(with package): 1 Kgs

Accessories Details

<1>. Main console x 1

<2>. 2.4G Wireless controllers -- x 1 / 2(Optional,difference price)

<3>. User Manual -- x 1.

<4>. 3M length USB Power cable -- x 1.

<5>. 3M length HDMI Cable -- x 1.

<6>. Giftbox package -- x 1


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